Childcare and wellbeing

Quality childcare nursery provision is vital to enabling young children to reach their full potential. It provides a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, play, and interact with other children and their carers. A quality childcare nursery will help children to develop emotionally, physically and intellectually. It will provide a variety of activities that are designed to help children learn, develop social skills, and be creative. Quality childcare nursery provision also helps to promote healthy eating, physical activity, language, literacy and numeracy. Furthermore, it can help to ensure that each child is provided with the best possible start in life, by providing a secure, loving, and nurturing environment.

We have two nurseries located in Leeds and in London. 


30 -35 day places and running for 30 years. Rated Good by Ofsted. There are spaces currently available. To make an enquiry please contact 0113 237 4079 and ask for Mrs Danette Graham. (website at


Our London nursery is privately managed 


We are looking to expand in these areas and have a number of properties that can run nursery spaces.

> SOUTH: LONDON – (South of Thames)




> EASTERN CORRIDOR (Derby – Bradford)

> NORTH WEST (Manchester Conurbation)

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